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Combining Websites and Newsletters

updated 4/2/04

Combined REA-APRRE Website

In early March of 2004, we launched the combined REA-APRRE website at The website includes UPCOMING EVENTS (annual meeting, forum events, announcements from other organizations); PUBLICATIONS (the journal with featured articles, REACH, APRRE newsletters, APRRE “Proceedings”); OPENINGS; RESOURCES (links, other organizations, future working group support); MEMBERSHIP (forms, directory); ABOUT US (REA, APRRE, joint reorganization). Please note that important historical documents related to the REA’s centennial are available on the website.

There are several content areas where we need to develop and expand: links to relevant organizations, resources for students preparing for leadership (particularly masters and doctoral levels), and resources related to each of the forums (books, articles, media, websites, programs, curriculum, etc.). Please contact Sybrina Atwaters,, regarding these items.


Spring 2004 is the first edition of REACH that serves both the Religious Education Association (REA) and the Association of Professors and Researchers in Religious Education (APRRE). It is part of implementing the joint reorganization design approved in the fall of 2003. REACH will be published four times a year. As we live into the joint reorganization, the content and look of REACH will continue to evolve. In the short term its content will deal with organizational news, annual meeting, and the networking and resourcing of members. We will be including articles that help us understand the organizational cultures that are coming together and the opportunities the reorganization offers us. We will also use the three forums of the reorganization design to structure networking and resourcing. These three are the Religious Education in Faith Communities Forum, the Religious Education in Public Life and the Global Community Forum, and the Religious Education in Academic Disciplines & Institutions Forum. If you have announcements or quality resources to share in these areas, please contact W. Alan Smith, Executive Secretary,