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Plans for Membership

updated 7/29/04

The joint reorganization will be implemented by REA revising its bylaws to reflect the joint reorganization design and APRRE members becoming REA members. The following membership plan has been approved by the REA Board, APRRE Executive Committee, and Taylor & Francis (journal publisher and membership management).

A one-time 18-month membership to the REA will be offered running July 1, 2004 – December 31, 2005. The fee for all new and renewing regular members will be $75.00. The student and retired membership fee will be $40.00. These rates are not an increase over current REA member rates, but simply reflect an 18-month versus 12-month membership period. All new and renewing members will receive 6 issues of the journal as a benefit of membership (summer 2004, fall 2004, winter 2005, spring 2005, summer 2005, fall 2005). In January 2006, memberships will return to a 12 month period (January 1st to December 31).

For current REA members, this will mean renewing your membership as usual but with the above arrangement.

For current APRRE members, this will mean joining the REA per the above arrangement and not separately renewing through APRRE. APRRE members will technically become REA members with this new 18-month membership. Current APRRE members will have their membership in APRRE automatically extended through December 2004 at no additional cost. The continuance of APRRE memberships through 2004 is necessary because the REA bylaw revisions per the reorganization design will not be approved until November 2004. In January 2005 separate APRRE memberships will be discontinued.

Everyone will receive a physical mailing with membership details and membership forms prior to July, 2004.