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Ballot Tally and Short Term Tasks

Copies of the “Design for a Joint Reorganization of APRRE and REA,” dated May 23, 2003, and ballots were mailed in late September 2003 to people who were members during the 2002-03 membership year and new members in 2003-04. Ballots were returned to Randy Litchfield, Executive Secretary of APRRE for tallying. The results are:

REA Members
Ballots mailed: 475
Ballots returned: 138
Percent return: 29%
Yes: 135 (98%)
No: 2 ( 1%)
Abstain: 1 ( 1%)
APRRE Members
Ballots mailed: 337
Ballots returned: 108
Percent return: 32%
Yes: 105 (97%)
No: 2 ( 2%)
Abstain: 1 ( 1%)

143 people received ballots as members of both REA and APRRE

The “Design for Joint Reorganization of REA and APRRE” remains available on both organization’s websites.

As a result of this action, several initiatives will begin during 2004 that will culminate in a single organization functioning in January of 2005:
  • A committee will begin work on revising the REA bylaws to reflect the “Design”
  • A committee will begin nominating people for the new organizational structure
  • A new Executive Secretary will take responsibility for REA and APRRE
  • A plan to move to a single membership will be developed
  • The APRRE and REA websites will be merged
  • The APRRE and REA newsletters will be merged