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2006 Meeting Papers

Reconsidering the Power of Story
in Religious Education

November 3-5, 2006
Renaissance Hotel -- Atlanta, Georgia

These papers and presentations are being given at the 2006 meeting of the Religious Education Association . The Call for Papers Committee has selected Research Interest Group and Colloquium papers based on abstracts submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to "pdf" formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.


Claire BischoffNarrative Identity and Pedagogy: Introduction to the Stories of Gender Project

Judith Ann BradyLetty M. Russell: A Feminist Liberation Approach to Educating for Justice)

Robert Brancatelli Anamnesis through Artwork in Transformative Catechesis

Theodore Brelsford Theological and Pedagogical Implications of the Nature of Religious Story: A Mythical Realist Orientation for Religious Education

Fernando A. Cascante Counter-Cultural Autobiography: Reconsidering the Transforming Power of Social-Stories

Wayne A. Cavalier Character and Narrative: Virtue Ethics and Formation for Lay Ecclesial Ministry

Terence Copley The Power of the Story Teller in Religious Education

Eileen M. Daily Multi-Story Buildings: Cultural Memory Layered in Visual Retellings of Jesus’s Story

Russell W. Dalton Bible Stories for American Children: Stifling the Power of Story

Dent C. Davis Enacting the Story: Pilgrimage, Learning and Renewal in Ministry

Rebecca L. Davis Wade in the Water: Baptismal Narratives and the Formation of Identity and Discipleship

Joseph Draper Toward a Self-Shepherding People: Evolving Faith Communities through the lens of the Epistemological Theories of Bernard Lonergan and Robert Kegan

Jessicah L. K. Duckworth Conversion and Catechesis in the Community of Faith:
Examining the Catechumenate in Eight ELCA Congregations

Fred P. Edie Resolving Not to Revolve: Forming Storied Biblical Literacy in Christian Youth through the Ordo

John L. Elias Education in Time of War: George Johnson and the Commission on American Citizenship of the Catholic University of America

Barbara J. Fleischer Stories from Katrina: Lessons in Community, Sacramentality, and Vocation

Peter Gilmour Pre-Historic, Historic, and Post-Historic Fabulation Narratives in Religious/Spiritual Traditions and their Implication for Religious Education

Ann Morrow Heekin Christian Story as Ritual Engagement: The American Liturgical Renewal in the Rise of Narrative Theology

Carol Lakey Hess A Novel Approach to Justice: The Power of Fiction in Working for Justice

Jon Hooten Stories and Organizational Culture in Theological Education

Michael P. Horan Rethinking Catechetical Ministries: The “Future Work” of 60 C.E.

Alyson Huntly Narrating Selves: New Theories of Self in Story-Based Religious Education

Michelle Kim A Story of Life and An Environmental Ethic of Life-Giving Creativity

UnChu Kim Storytelling: Sowing Seeds for Love and Justice for Korean Women

Cindy Kissell-Ito Currere as Transformative Story Telling in Religious Education

Heejung Kwon Internalization, Negotiation and Resistance: Challenge of the Discrepancy between Intentional Teaching and Unintentional Everyday Practice for Religious Educational Practice of Storytelling

Kelle Lynch-Baldwin To Walk a Mile in the Shoes of the Stranger: An Integrative Approach to Social Justice Education

Dean P. Manternach Moral Dynamics of Storytelling: Inviting Transformation

Sylvia McGeary A Critical Reflection: Naming Lay Ecclesial Ministry – The Political and Personal Narratives

Amalee Meehan Facts and Faith: Teaching Science from a Christian Standpoint in a Post- Modern Age

Mary Elizabeth Moore Education for Vocational Discernment: Drawing Wisdom from Retrospective Narrative Accounts

Gabriel Moran Whose Tolerance?

Celeste Mueller Revisiting Personal Narrative: Unleashing the Power of Accessing Experience

Intisar G. Mustafeh Stories in the Qur'an: Aims, Characteristics, Types and Educational Importance

Lucinda Nolan Scaling the Heights of Heaven: Sister M. Rosalia Walsh and the Use of Story in The Adaptive Way [presented but not posted]

Daniel P. O’Connell Organizing Stories: Making Public the Power of Story

Hosffman Ospino Unveiling the Human and the Divine: The Revelatory Power of Popular Religiosity Narratives in Christian Education

Anthony Mario Ozele Envisioning Culturally-Informed Education: Contextualizing Nigerian Stories, Proverbs and Idioms

MiKyong Park The Reconsidering and Creating Story for Building a Family
in the Age of Destruction of Home

Robert J. Parmach Links to a Lost Interlocutor: Creative Tension, Sexual Intelligence, and the Story of Young Adult Male Roman Catholics

Margaret Myrtle Power The Revelatory Potential of Narrative and Religious Education

Bert Roebben Narthical Religious Learning Redefining the Theology of Religious Education in Terms of Pilgrimage

Johanna Selles The Hunton Family: A Narrative of Faith through Generations

Kyounghee Shin Self-authorship through Currere: Autobiography in Christian Religious Education: Empowering Self through Curriculum as Autobiography

Sue Singer “We Break This Bread:” Christian Practices, Critical Reflection, and the Construction of Adult Religious Identity

Avest, Bakker & Miedema Different Schools as Narrative Communities: Identity Narratives in Threefold

Josh Thomas Sanctifying Difference: The Power of Story in Coming Out, Conversion, and other Challenges of a Young Adult Faith

Karen-Marie Yust Playing with Mirrors: Narrative Inquiry and Congregational Consultation