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2005 Meeting Papers

Religious Education for Peace and Justice
November 4-6, 2005
Delta Chelsea Hotel
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

These papers and presentations are being given at the 2005 meeting of the Religious Education Association . The Call for Papers Committee has selected Research Interest Group and Colloquium papers based on abstracts submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to "pdf" formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.


Bennett, Zoe Ecumenical Theological Education as a Practice of Peace (RIG)

Bertram-Troost, Gerdien , Simone de Roos and Siebren MiedemaReligious Identity Development of Adolescents in Secondary Schools: Empirical Findings (RIG)

Bischoff, Claire and Mary Elizabeth Moore Cultivating a Spirit for Peace and Justice: Teaching through Oral History (RIG)

Blomberg, Doug Why Existential Intelligence Doesn’t Quite Make the Grade (RIG)

Bridgers, Lynn Disenfranchised Experience: Religious Education’s Null Curriculum on Trauma and Disability (RIG)

Bruce, Beth Theological Education for Justice Ministry: approaches to Justice Education Learned from the Lives of Social Activists (RIG)

Cavalier, Wayne Reversing the Foundations: Emmanuel Levinas and Christian Religious Education Practice (RIG)

Clare, Roberta Putting Faith into Action: A Model for the North American Middle Class (RIG).

Copley, Terence Religious Education Versus the Injustice of Secular Indoctrination? (RIG)

Crain, Margaret Ann – Ethnography as a Practice of Peace and Justice: Research Methodologies that Mean Something! An Annotated Bibliography (RW).

Crockett, Joseph Studying Religious Practices among African-American Adolescents: An Empirical Study (RIG)

Davis, Dent C. Dialogue of the Soul: The Phenomenon of Intrapersonal Peace and the Adult Experience of Protestant Religious Education (RIG)

Diez, Jorge -- Educating the Multicultural Adult Latino Community in the United States: An Augmentative Pedagogy (RIG)

Draper, Joseph, Theresa O’Keefe, and Sue Singer – Knowing What You’re Doing: The Value of Qualitative Research for Christian Religious Educators (COL)

Douglass, Felecia T. When All Hope Is Gone, Sad Songs Say So Much: The Importance of Jeremiah’s Laments for Energizing the Oppressed (RIG)

Elias, John Edward Pace: Pioneer Catholic Philosopher, Psychologist and Religious Educator (RIG)

English, Leona A Utilization Focused Evaluation of a Lay Ministry Education Program (RIG)

Everist, Norma Cook Civil Religion’s Effect on Education for Peace and Justice (RIG)

Franco, Philip The Traditional Italian Festa: A Theology of Communion and Catechesis (RIG)

Gilmour, Peter Is Your Religion Too Small? (RIG)

Heekin, Ann Morrow The Life and Work of Mary Perkins Ryan: The Interplay of Liturgy and Adult Catechesis in Whole Community Education (RIG)

Isaac, Paulette E. and Teresa Mareschal Social Justice Education among Women within the Reform Jewish Temple and the African American Church (RIG)

Lai, Alan Burying Anti-Jewish Christian Practices as Peace Building: A Challenge for Asian Churches (RIG)

Le Cornu, Alison Theological Reflection and Christian Formation (RIG)

Lee, Boyung Teaching Justice and Living Peace: Body, Sexuality and Religious Education in Asian-American Communities (RIG)

Leuze, Thomas The Collective Pastorate of the Confessing Church: A Model for Ministerial Preparation (RIG)

McDougall, Roseanne Teaching the Christian Tradition and Global History: An Interdisciplinary Journey Towards Religious Literacy (COL)

Miller, Donald and Russell Haitch “Watu Wa Amani”: Learning Peace in Africa (RIG)

Moran, Gabriel Fundamentalist, Originalist or Conservative (RIG)

Parachin, Janet Nonviolence in Oklahoma: Uncovering Spiritual and Religious Influences (RIG)

Parmach, Robert J. Creative Tension as Links of Meaning: Investigating Religious Literacy Justly (RIG)

Scialabba, Karen The Educational Mission of Catholic Publishing (RIG)

Smith, W. Alan Songs of Freedom: The Music of Bob Marley as Transformative Education (RIG)

Turpin, Katherine Disrupting the Luxury of Despair: Justice and Peace Education in Contexts of Relative Privilege (RIG)

White, Richelle B. A Transformative Pedagogy for Peacemaking in the Temple of Hiphop (RIG).