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2008 Meeting Papers

Fiction as Truth: Seeking religious depth in Short Stories, Novels, and Film

November 7-9, 2008

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Chicago, Illinois


These papers and presentations are being given at the 2007 meeting of the Religious Education Association . The Call for Papers Committee has selected Research Interest Group and Colloquium papers based on abstracts submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to "pdf" formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.



Narola Ao, “Hidden Stories, Hidden Truths: Uncensoring to Unleash”

Ina Ter Avest, “Father and Daughter: Religious Identity Development Through Filmed Stories”

Judith Ann Brady, “Dorothy Day: A Love of fiction and Her Love of the Poor”

Sinai Chung, “Youth Ministry with 1.5 Generation Korean Americans: Conversion Stories of Love and Acceptance”

Russell Dalton, “Miraculous Readings: Using Fantasy Novels about Reading to Enhance Scripture Reading”

Mary Hess, “Crafting and Sharing Stories of Faith in a Media Culture”

Randle Lewis, “Master Teacher or Teaching Master: Recovering the Master-Apprentice Model in Religious and Theological Education”

Brian J. Mahan, “Mysticism, Manners, and Religious Education”

Tim Martin, Limning the Landscape of Religious Narrative”

Siebren Miedema, “Heart and Reason: A Comparison of John Dewey’s A Common Faith and His ‘Religious’ Poems”

Gabriel Moran, “Logic of Religion, Logic of Fiction”

Naoki Okamura, “Un-Autobiographical Autobiographies: Investigating the Life-Stories of Ten Elderly Nisei Christian Women at a Local Japanese American Church”

Anthony Ozele, "Representations of Cultural Resilience and Perceptions of Reality in Nigerian Movies and the Crises of Personal Identity Among Nigerian Adolescents"

Margaret Myrtle Power, “The Lovely, Dark, Deep Woods of Narrative Fiction: Making Room for the Religious and Ethical Imagination of Children”

Carl Procario-Foley, “Autobiography and Curriculum: Its Theory and Application to Religious Education in a Millenial Era”

Therese Ratliff, “Sins, Saints, Sacraments, and Stations”

Christopher Kennard Richardson, “Encountering the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: the Roles of Art in Religious Learning”

Richard Rymarz, “Using Stories to Illuminate Hard Topics in Religious Education” 

Peter W. Shafer, “The Heart, Not the Face: Race, Religion, and Righteousness in a Civil War Era Children’s Tale”

Kyoung-Hee Shin, “Theological Truths of Folktales and Its Educational Implications for Intercultural Religious Christian Education”

Mai-Ahn Tran, “Faith Fictions and Ghosts of Memory: ‘The Word Between This World and God’”

Vickie Wiltse, “Heroine’s Journeys: An Analysis of the Potential Power of Tamora Pierce’s Fantasy Novels for Women’s Growth and Development”


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