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2007 Meeting Papers

Culture that Matters: Intercultural Explorations in Religious Educations

November 2-4, 2007

Hyatt Harborside Hotel - Boston, Massachusetts

These papers and presentations are being given at the 2007 meeting of the Religious Education Association . The Call for Papers Committee has selected Research Interest Group and Colloquium papers based on abstracts submitted by the authors. The papers, as they exist on this site, have not been edited or fully juried by REA. The author of a paper is fully responsible for its content. All links are to "pdf" formatted files, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.


Berryman, Jerome:  “Talking Theodicy With Children Without Arresting Their Theological Thinking”

Braga, Reginaldo:  “Toward a Pedagogy of Grace: Multiculturalism as opportunity for Vital Encounters and Transformation”

Court, Deborah: “Educational Ethnography as Cultural and Religious Mirror”

Dawson, Kathy: “Should Church-Housed Schools Be Christian?”

Elias, John: “Intercultural Education and Religious Education: An Historical Perspective”

English, Leona: “Revisiting Voice, Subjectivity and Circles: Feminist Pedagogy in the 21st Century”

Gilmour, Peter: “The Presentation and Function of Culture in the Newest Jesus Film: Son of Man”

Goto, Courtney: “Pretending to Be Japanese: Artistic Play in a Japanese-American Church and Family”

Harden, Colleen: “Case Studies in Faith Development: Cross-cultural Analysis: Russia 2007”

Hearn, Mark C: “Colorblind Racism: Colorblind Theology and Church Practices”

Hearn, Mark C., Jon Hooten, Ann Carter Walker, and Jina Kim:  “’Homework Is an Offering to God’: A Participatory Research Study on Religious Community and Its Effect Upon Hispanic Educational Success”

Heekin, Ann Morrow:  “Touching the You: A Transformative Approach to Jews and Christians in Dialogue—Learning in the Presence of the Other”

Hinton, Mary: “Saying Grace: Praying Over the Loss of African-American Religious and Food Culture (and How They Are Related)”

Horan, Michael: “Searching Our Souls: Religious Education and the Loss of Catholic Culture”

Huntly, Allison: “The Faith Community as Safe Space for Adolescent Girls from Different Backgrounds”

Hwang, Byung-June:  “Multicultural Parental Involvement: A Case Study”


Iannone, Mercedes and MaryAnn Barth: “Seeking the God of the Deaf: A Deaf/Hearing Dialogue”


 Lee, Boyung: "Toward Liberating Interdependence: A Postcolonial Intercultural Pedagogy"

Lee, Michael: “’Shaping Community’ as a Christian Practice and Popular Religion: their Implications for Latino/a Religious Education in the United States”

Mahan, Brian: “How Cultural Identity Affects Teaching Religious education: An Irish-American Perspective”

Miedema, Siebren and Bert H.M. Roebben: “Culture and Tradition: Two Contested Concepts in Religious Education”

Mitchell, Gordon: “Sacred Text as a Platform for Interreligious Dialogue”

Mustafeh, Intisar: “Islam in the Curriculum in Jordan and England: A Comparative Study”

Nolan, Lucinda:  “Men of Good Will: J. Elliot Ross and the National Conference of Jews and Christians”

Okamura, Naoki:  “Intercultural Encounters as Religious Education: A Phenomenological Study on a Group of Japanese Students at a Christian University in California”

O’Keefe, Theresa: “The Same But Different: The Culture in Which Our Adolescents Live”

Ospino, Hosfmann: “Foundations for an Intercultural Philosophy of Christian Education”

Ozele, Anthony M. “Cultural Paternalism and the Challenges of Educating Nigerian Women”

Parachin, Janet: “Camps, Choirs, and Conversation: Peace Education for Palestinian and Israeli Children and Youth”

Parmach, Robert: “A Hospitable Environment: Teaching the Sexually Intelligent Conversation”

Robertson, Ian: “Ephphata: Be Opened’: the Sacred Narratives of Deaf People—Cross Cultural Opportunities in Religious Education and Praxis”

Rowland, Michael L. and E. Paulette Isaac: “Pulpit Practices: Enhancing Adult Learning”

Smith, Yolanda: “A Spirituality of Teaching: Black Women’s Spirituality and Christian Education”


Ter Avest, Ina and Cok Bakker:  “Structural Identity Consultation: Story Telling as a Culture of Faith Transformation”

Turpin, Katherine: “Well-to-Do, Down-to-Earth, or Struggling-to-Make-Ends-Meet: The Unmentionable Cultures of Social Class and Religious Education”

Wiltse, Vicki: “Personal Development and Adults’ Participation in Dialogue”


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