1999 APRRE Annual Meeting
October 15-17, 1999
Totonto, Ontario, Canada
Triumph Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel

APRRE is a community of individuals who come together from particular religious traditions to study and deliberate on critical religious educational issues. We do so as a reflection of the religious diversity of our world. We gather out of a conviction that insights from ecumenical and interreligious perspectives enhance our understanding of the issues at the center of our work. Consequently, the theme for 1999 - "Educating for Religious Particularism and Pluralism" - speaks to the heart of who we are as APRRE.

As people of religious commitments within the larger society, we have a vested interest in the contribution which religions can make to the common good. To do so it must represent particularist religious insights within an understanding of and commitment to religious pluralism. The challenge before us is to probe the questions of educating for deep and responsible religious particularism while laying the foundation for commitment to religious pluralism.

The 1999 program will probe and refine our thinking about the meaning and expression of both religious particularism and religious pluralism. Educational questions flowing from this relationship will be examined. Our hope is that we will emerge with a clearer sense of direction about ways religious educators can foster deep religious commitment in a religiously pluralistic world.

Meet Sara S. Lee, APRRE President-Elect

Prof. Lee is the Director of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Los Angeles Campus of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of

Religion where she teaches courses in Curriculum, Organizational Development and Administration.

She has edited three books: A Congregation of Learners (with Isa Aron and Seymor Rossel), Touching the Future: Mentoring and the Jewish Professional (with Michael Zeldin), and Communities of Learning: A Vision for the Jewish Future.

In 1992 the Lilly Endowment awarded Prof. Lee and Dr. Mary Boys of Union Theological Seminary a grant to support a two-year colloquium for Catholic and Jewish educators. A second grant for the study of pluralism and particularism in religious education was made in 1996. Together Lee and Boys edited a prize-winning issue of Religious Education, "Religious Traditions in Conversation" (91:4, Fall 1996).

Prof. Lee has been honored with the Ezra Award of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles and the Distinguished Merit Citation of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. In 1997 she was awarded the Samuel Rothberg Prize in Jewish Education by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and in January of 1999 she was given an honorary doctorate by The Jewish Theological Seminary.

Sara was born in Boston, received her B.A. in Social Relations from Radcliffe and the M.A. in Jewish Education from Hebrew Union College and an M.S. in Education from the University of Southern California.

Meet the New Members of the APRRE Executive Committee

Russell Moy is Assistant Professor of Christian Education at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific. He did his graduate work at the Claremont School of Theology with Mary Elizabeth Moore. His interests are in multi-cultural biblical pedagogy and Asian American history. Prior to coming to the CDSP in Jan. 99, he taught at Drew for 3 and a half years. Before that he was an American Baptist pastor for six years in Sacramento.

Tom Walters is professor of religious education at Saint Meinrad School of Theology where he was academic dean for nine years. He has served as president for the Midwest Association of Theological Schools and the Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry. He is currently the Past-President of the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership. His research has focused on profiling catechetical leaders and the effective-ness of parish catechetical programming in the U.S. He is currently editing a nine volume series based upon the National Certification Standards for Parish DREs specializing on theological competencies. He and his wife, Rita, are con-ducting research studies on the state of parish religious education in the U.S. for the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership. Their two most recent studies are: National Profile of Diocesan Directors of Religious Education 1998 (National Conference of Catechetical Leadership) and Catechetical Leaders: A Statistical Profile (National Catholic Educational Association, 1998). Dr. Walters received a B.A. from LaSalette Seminary, an M.A. from the University of Detroit and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. in educational psychology from Wayne State University.

Lynne Westfield is currently Professor of Christian Education with the Center for Urban Theological Studies (Philadelphia) and also Adjunct Professor of Christian Education with Lutheran Theological Seminary. She is a Deacon in the United Methodist Church. She has served as Community Organizer with the Frankford Group Ministry in Philadelphia, and was Minister of Christian Education at Riverside Church in New York for seven years, during which time she also was an Adjunct Professor at Union Theological Seminary in NY. She has published United Methodist curriculum for children, youth and adults, and a chapter in James Washington’s Conversations with God. Lynne took her B.S. from Murray State Univ., her M.A. from Scarritt, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate of the Union Graduate School, Cincinnati, Ohio.

1999 Proceedings Available

A few copies of the 1999 Proceedings are still available for purchase. This year's Proceedings has been selling well among non-members looking for resources on "Generation-X" and issues of postmodernism. This year's book includes 33 papers (464 pp.), a complete outline of the program, and is bound with a laminated cover. Copies can be obtained from the APRRE office upon request and receipt of $35 (including shipping and handling). Send request and check to APRRE, 950 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA, 17603-3105, or use the order form found elsewhere in this mailing.

We also still have a very few copies of the 1997 Proceedings (282 pp., same price).


1998's Doctoral Student Research Forums were very well received both by student participants and by APRRE and REA members who attended. Six doctoral students presented their research in two Doctoral Research Forums and five others presented in either Colloquia or Research Interest Groups.

Details about participation in these sessions in the 1999 Annual Meeting, and the call for applications are included in this mailing with the Calls to Papers materials.

Actions Taken at the 1998 Annual Meeting in Orlando

The 1998 Meeting saw 173 registrants (second highest in recent memory) enjoying both the warm Florida sunshine and stimulating sessions. The hotel facilities and service were excellent, and the plenary presentations by Kegan, Groome, and Parks were substantive, entertaining and provo-cative.

During the General Business Meeting, several important actions were taken: 1) upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and after discussion, the members voted to end our three-year experimental relation with AAR-SBL. Toronto was chosen as next year's site. We will begin planning meeting sites and dates for a three year period ahead. 2) At the urging of President Tom Groome, members voted to approve a special fund-raising appeal to increase the amount available in the travel fund to support travel to APRRE meetings for younger members and students. 3) Members also voted a membership dues increase to $55 for members and Associate members, and $25 retired and student members. This is the first increase in dues in over ten years. 4) The Executive Committee had conducted an evaluation of the performance of the Executive Secretary, and with some recommendations, advised an extension for another three-year term. It was so voted by the members. 5) Members voted in the new slate of officers: Jack Seymour as Vice-President (to plan the Annual Meeting for 2000), and the Class of 2001: Russell Moy, Thomas Walters and Lynne Westfield.

Memorials and Retirements were said for Robert Conrad, Helen Goggin, Don Joy, Stuart McLean, Cy Rowell and Nelle Slater.

It was also announced that the APRRE archives are now completed and housed in the Yale Divinity School Library. Thanks were offered for the many hours of volunteer work expended on this by member Barney Kathan. In a future Newsletter we shall offer detailed instruction about how to access these records.

Scholarly and Professional Up-date

The June 1999 APRRE Newsletter will include news of the scholarly and professional activities of current (paid-up) members. Let me know what you are up to.

Please communicate your news to the Executive Secretary. If you are on-line, please use e-mail (cfmelchert@desupernet.net) or send by fax (717-295-4740). This will make it possible to transfer and edit material without complete re-typoing. If necessary, mail the information to: APRRE, 950 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603-3105 (USA)

Please respond by June 1, 1999.

APRRE WEBSITE & Listserver

APRRE’s web page is located on the Internet: http://rglitch.bibl.anderson.edu./aprre/aprrehome.html There you will find a statement about APRRE, information about membership, about last year’s Annual Meeting, including minutes for the Business Meeting, past Newsletters, and plans for the coming Annual Meeting.

APRRE members can also communicate with each other via the APRRE listserver - a good way to make announcements and enquiries among the one hundred plus subscribers. (Subscription is free.) The list can be reached at aprre@listserve.bc.edu.


Members should make note of a change in the APRRE fax number. The new number is: (717) 295-4740.


The response to President Groome's appeal for tax-deductible contributions to the APRRE Travel Fund has been generous. As Dr. Groome noted in his letter, with our separation from AAR/SBL, it is especially important that we find ways to encourage younger members and students who will find more than one meeting a year a financial burden. A contribution "is a wise investment" on the part of APRRE members.

If you have not yet responded, consider this a reminder! (There will be more as the year goes along!)

Please be generous!

Already we have had contributions from over 40 members, including some anonymous donors.

At this writing we have already received over $2300. Many of you have not yet had time to mail your contribution, but be assured I shall be happy to receive it. We look forward to undergirding the support of our younger colleagues in this manner.

The following members have made contributions so far this year:

Carol Allen

Janet Arbesman

Helen Archibald

George Brown

Robert Browning

Christine Caron

Gary Chamberlain

Margaret Crain

Susan Davies

Su Pak Drummond

Nancy Foltz

Freda Gardner

Tom Groome

Mary Hess

Al Jenkins

Sally Johnston

Pat Kluepfel

Sara Little

C.F. Melchert

Gabriel Moran

Marie Murphy

C. Ellis Nelson

Vincent Novak

Janet Parachin

Sharon Parks

Anabel Proffitt

Barbara Redmond

Dan Schipani

Kieran Scott

Judith J. Siebold

Cate Siejk

Yolanda Smith

Kenneth Stokes

Joseph Tarrillion

George van Grieken

Anton Vrame

Addie Walker

Kay Ward

Janet Weathers



Curriculum Editor
Christian Board of Publication, the publishing house for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), invites recommendations and applications for the position of editor in its Congregational Ministries Department (curriculum and congregational program resource development). Deadline is June 1, 1999, but CBP will be open to candidates until an appointment has been made.

Qualifications: Experience in Christian education in congregations, education/communication studies, master of divinity degree or its equivalent. Knowledge of/aptitude for production of curriculum resources (writing, editing, communication, teamwork), a positive reputation among Christian educators, significant involvement in education beyond the local congregation, and an ecumenical outlook would be advantageous characteristics for this position.

Equal opportunity: Women and persons of color are urged to apply.

Contact: Patrice L. Rosner, Vice President and Director, Congregational Ministries Department, PO Box 179, St. Louis, MO 63166-0179; phone (314) 231-8500, ext. 345; fax (213) 231-2027; email prosner@cbp21.com.


Triumph Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
October 15-17, 1999

"Educating for Religious Particularism and Pluralism"

APRRE members share on-going research and thinking with peers in several formats:

RESEARCH INTEREST GROUPS discuss publishable papers among a group of up to 15 members. All research papers will be published in the APRRE Annual Meeting Proceedings, distributed at registration. Papers may be proposed on any theme contributing to religious education. A moderator may be appointed to help organize the discussion around issues raised by the papers and participants. Papers related to the theme of the conference may receive preferential consideration for publication in the APRRE issue of Religious Education.

COLLOQUIA are less formal opportunities for sharing research-in-progress or practices and programs which do not readily lend themselves to formal papers. An outline of ideas or sharing of practices are appropriate in this format.

APRRE members in good standing are invited to submit an abstract of not more than one page as a proposal for a presentation in an Research Interest Group or a Colloquium. See directions below. One presentation per person, please.

FORUMS are moderated interdisciplinary dialogues on an aspect of the conference theme, intended to evoke discussion among the panel participants. Panelists are chosen by the Annual Meeting Program Chairperson.

TASK FORCES are groups who agree to stay together and to continue to work on certain issues over a period of several years. Presenters are chosen by each task force or by conveners. Current task forces exist in the following areas:

1. Adult Education

2. Electronic Technology

3. Ethnography as Methodology for Religious Education Research

4. Gender

5. History of Religious Education

6. Children: Formation of a God-Representation

7. Philosophy of Education

8. Religious Education and the Natural World

Conveners of Task Forces send title and brief description of topic by June 1, 1999:

Send to Dr. C.F. Melchert, 950 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603-3105.

If you wish to start a new task force, make a proposal to the same address, also by June 1.



For Research Interest Groups: follow all steps below.

For Colloquia: follow only steps 1 and 2.

Step 1: Those wishing to present a research paper or a colloquium must send three copies of an abstract of no more than one double-spaced page, with a 3-4 line summary for publication in the program. Abstracts must be received by May 7, 1999.

Step 2: Each abstract will be reviewed by a committee. Selected presenters will be notified on or near June 15, 1999. Proposals may be paired according to interest and topical relation.

Step 3: If your paper is accepted for a Research Interest Group presentation, you will receive a copy of the Guidelines for Contributors for the journal Religious Education, and directions for Proceedings layout for the final copy of your paper. (Presenters of Colloquia are not required to contribute a paper.)

Step 4: All papers must be received by the Executive Secretary no later than September 1, 1999. Papers not received by that date will not be published and may be canceled from the Annual Meeting program. Do not count on extensions! Papers published in the Proceedings will be distributed to participants as they register. If presenters wish to mail copies to participants ahead of time, the Executive Secretary can furnish mailing labels for those registered for your session. Please let Secretary know a month in advance, or when you submit your paper.

Step 5: Following the annual meeting, papers will be reviewed by the Call for Papers Committee who act as a peer review jury for the APRRE issue of Religious Education. Selected papers are recommended for possible publication and sent to the editor of the journal, who then makes the final selection. If selected, you may make revisions at that time.

E-mail or fax 1 copy of abstract to each of the following (total of 3 copies):

Dr. Carol Lakey Hess
fax: 609-547-1105 (call first)
if necessary to mail:
31 8th Ave.
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035

Dr. Margaret Krych
fax: 215-248-4577
if necessary to mail:
210 Wells Lane
Springfield, PA 19064 

Dr. Evelyn Parker
fax: 214-768-2069
if necessary to mail:
P.O. Box 750133
Dallas, TX 75275-0133

Please follow these procedures and deadlines! Your submission of an abstract is your agreement that you will complete the paper, will abide by these deadlines, and will personally present it for discussion at the 1999 Annual Meeting.

Inquiries concerning all other matters related to the Annual Meeting should be directed to the Executive Secretary: Dr. C.F. Melchert, 950 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603-3105.

Phone: (717) 299-0490; Fax: (717) 295-4740; E-mail: cfmelchert@desupernet.net


Doctoral students are invited to submit a proposal for presentation to the 1999 Annual Meeting of APRRE in Toronto this fall, October 15-17, 1999.

APRRE sponsors Doctoral Forums within which students can share their emerging research with other APRRE members, and engage in constructive, critical conversation about that research. It is our hope that this will allow established scholars to learn of new lines of inquiry as well as offer suggestions, while all students may benefit from observing others at different stages in the scholarly journey. Since students have already been screened by their own faculty, the primary criteria for selection of presenters will be diversity of research areas and constraints of time and space within the program.

Doctoral Students who are in the process of writing a dissertation or who have recently completed one, are invited to share that research with the APRRE membership in a Doctoral Research Forum, which will be scheduled alongside other research formats. This 90 minute format will allow up to four students to offer both a brief presentation of their research and engage in conversation about it with student colleagues and with interested senior scholars. It is hoped that such conversation might continue outside the formally designated time period as well.

Applications should include a 1-2 page proposal with a supporting letter from the primary advisor. This supporting letter should verify that this proposal has been accepted by the institution, and briefly comment upon the readiness of the student for the chosen form of presentation.

Proposals for participation in Doctoral Research Forums must be submitted to the Executive Secretary Dr. C. F. Melchert by June 1, 1999. The proposals selected will be notified by June 15, 1999. Submissions may be made via e-mail, fax or by postal service, to APRRE, 950 Marietta Ave., Lancaster, PA 17603-3105; or to cfmelchert@desupernet.net; or via fax at (717) 295-4740.