Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza Hotel—Chicago, IL
November 8, 2003

Attendance: 82 members

Lorna Bowman called the meeting to order.

Adoption of the Agenda
It was agreed to adopt the agenda as printed and circulated.

Approval of the Minutes
It was moved by Bill Lord and seconded by Wenh-In Ng that the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on November 3, 2002 be approved as printed. Carried

Introduction of the New Executive Secretary Bob O’Gorman
Bob presented the report on behalf of the Committee whose membership included Rebecca Davis, Lucinda Huffaker, Larry Huiras, Chuck Melchert and Bob O’Gorman.30 people were approached. 6 applied and telephone interviews were conducted with each of them. 2 highly qualified candidates were short-listed.

The Committee made a recommendation to the Board of Directors and it approved the appointment of Lawanda Smith as Executive Secretary Elect of APRRE effective January 1, 2004. Lawanda has an Ed.D. Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville. She currently teaches at Louisiana State U and is in charge of the website. She has been an APRRE member for 10 years. She has the skills to do the organizational work, a deep concern for people and the academic acumen required to do research.

Lawanda responded about her decision making process and the wonderful conversation in her interview with the search committee. She is looking forward to getting to know us and working with the two organizations.


Ballot results as of November 3, 2003.

REA Members returned 138 ballots which represented a 29% response; 135 votes or 98 % were in the affirmative

APRRE members returned 108 ballots which represented a 32% response, 105 votes or 97 % were in the affirmative.

143 people received ballots as members of both REA and APRRE.

Legal Consultation
Anne Streaty Wimberly explained that she had sought legal advice and was told that since APRRE is not incorporated and REA is, that it would be much simpler to join together under the REA name and its existing by-laws. The by-laws can then be revised in accordance with the approved organizational design. The lawyer suggested that we may need a shorter sub-title.

The Executives of both REA and APPRE have jointly appointed the current Officers of the two organizations: the President and Vice-President of REA and the President and

President Elect of APRRE to form the By-laws and Implementation Committee. This Committee will oversee the revision of the by-laws as noted above. The Executive of APRRE has called for the creation of a committee of people with expertise to review and arrange for the merging of the two websites and newsletters. Membership in the new organization will be for a calendar year and begin January 1, 2005. Another Committee has been established to work out the details of membership.

Executive Secretary’s Report- Randy Litchfield
A two page printed report was circulated.

There are 165 participants at this meeting. There are 14 new members, but we are down in the number of doctoral students attending this year.

Review by the IRS
Two items were noted. First, the Executive Secretary position should be treated as an employee given the position on the Executive Committee and the types of responsibilities assumed on behalf of APRRE. Second, income from mailing list rentals and position postings should be considered unrelated business income and is subject to tax if it exceeds $1000 (it has never reached that level)”. The Executive took action to change the status of the Executive Secretary to that of an employee.

Progress on stated goals
“By the 2002 meeting:
1. Goal: Shift thinking of APRRE from an annual meeting to a year-round professional network. I think that to a large extent this goal has been accomplished based on comments that I receive. This will always need attention to maintain-it is a mode of operation and attitude about the organization.
2. Goal: Finish developing the infrastructure to support year-round resourcing and networking. For the most part the infrastructure is in place via the website options. The main missing piece is a good e-group/blog system. At this point very few people and groups take advantage of this.
3. Goal: Negotiate the long-term relationship between APRRE and REA.
This continued to consume a fair amount of time and energy. The result is a joint reorganization design that has received broad support.

By the 2003 meeting:
1. Goal: Clarify APRRE’s organizational role in the ecology of associations, institutions and agencies of which our members are a part. Little progress has been made on this.
2. Goal: Facilitate an overall assessment of the field of religious education. This has only been address via whatever papers and symposia are a part of this meeting. Reorganization issues overran this goal, but it should be kept in front of us. Some attention should be given to Kathy Dawson's paper that surveys masters degrees in Christian and religious education in ATS schools. We may wish to identify some works like this to encourage grant proposals for further, expanded work.”

Randy offered thanks to Barbara Anne Keely for her generous contribution to the management of REA.

Randy expressed his appreciation to Terri Litchfield for all that she has done for APRRE. The assembly responded with vigorous applause for Terri.

Lorna and Anne asked Randy and Terri to come forward and they offered their personal thanks and a gift for the Litchfield’s dedication to APRRE. More applause.

Financial Report
The printed Financial Report for 2002-03 Fiscal year was circulated.

Income $43,982.92 Expenses $41339.49 Balance Surplus $2643.43
Reserves:$14669.91 Travel Fund $14379.59

It was moved by Randy Litchfield and seconded by Alan Smith that the financial reports for the fiscal year 2002-03 be accepted. Carried

The printed Budget for the year July 1, 2003-June 30, 2004 was circulated along with a six month proposed Budget for the period of July 1, 2004 -December 31, 2004.

It was moved by Ron Anderson and seconded by Linda Vogel that the budget for the year July 1, 2003-June 30, 2004 and the six month proposed budget for the period of July 1, 2004 -December 31, 2004 be approved. Carried

2004 Annual Meeting
Bob O’Gorman announced the program theme for 2004 (November 5-7)
Title: Contextual Pedagogies: Teaching Context as Religious Text
“Many theological schools have shifted the curricular focus to context. The primary source is no longer the quadrivium. How has that affected teaching? The meeting will take a serious look at contextual pedagogies. How has this impacted faculty? What kind of responses do faith communities, judicatories and parents have to the shift?

In Denver we can take a next step with a critical study of religious educators’ teaching practices (contextual pedagogy) connecting students’ learning to the contexts of life and also connecting the realities of present life to a reinterpretation of the texts. Our aim is a more dynamic description of teaching in religious education promoting its enhancement to benefit communities of faith and the broader public.”

The location will be the Brown Palace-Comfort Inn Complex, in downtown Denver. The report was received with enthusiastic applause

Recognitions and Thanks

Margaret Ann Crain spoke to honor Linda Vogel of Garrett Evangelical Seminary in Evanston. She especially noted Linda’s interest and writings on adult education. Linda is an Ordained Deacon in the United Methodist Church who has a deep sense of the Church’s calling for justice. (A more detailed honoring of Linda’s outstanding contribution to the field was included in the November 3, 2002 minutes.) Linda was greeted with applause.

Thanks to:
-Anne Streaty Wimberly for her wise and generous leadership

-Lorna Bowman for her leadership in planning this joint program and for the presidential address that she will deliver in the final plenary.

-The following for the contributions as they complete their terms of service on the executive: Jerome Berryman, Mary Hess, Linda Huffaker and Wenh-In Ng

-Steve Kang, Sharon Warner and Maureen O’Brien for reviewing the submitted papers

-All conveners, moderators and presenters

-Hospitality helpers.

-Partice Rosner and Donald Mayne who brought greetings at the banquet

-Bill Lord for his support, for his work with the minutes and for agreeing to serve as Recording Secretary for another year during the transition.

Other Business
It was agreed to send our best wishes to Ron Cram.

Let us move to the reception and celebrate.

William Lord
Recording Secretary